Film Review: ‘SAN 84 Justice?’ A reminder of India’s 1984 Sikh Pogrom

San 84 Justice?, a movie produced by UFI Production and Jitesh Kumar Films was released among a huge fanfare on 2nd November 2021. The Riots ignited after assassination of Indira Gandhi – then Prime Minister, was one of the worst riots in the recent history – primarily against Sikh Community.

The movie is set on the same backdrop and revolves around the story of Gurfateh Singh (Vipin Sharma) who is a rice seller looking to financially support his family. This story is all about how he survives the sikh pogrom.

The riots that took place after assignation of Mrs. Gandhi affected the lives of ordinary people. Talking about dark film, the director said, “The screenplay makes the audience bond with members of the family of Gurfateh Singh.”,

“Our objective is to reach the maximum number of people, but not provoke any adverse sentiments in any particular community.”, he added

At the Launch Event of San 84 Justice?