Netflix Top 10 website launched: What it is and how it works – The Indian Express

Netflix has announced a new website that will inform users of Top 10 lists based on most watched content in various categories. The lists will let users check out what is popular on the app and select what to watch when they’re in the mood to try a new show or movie but have no idea where to begin.
Spending a ridiculous amount of time on Netflix deciding what to watch before you actually hit Play on an episode or a movie is a real hassle for many. This has led Netflix to launch features like the ‘Play Something’ button, which will suggest new content to users based on their watch history.
While the ‘Play Something’ button is useful for many, it may prevent you from trying out new genres of movies and TV shows, since you will be recommended the same kind of content as you have been watching. This is where the Netflix Top 10 website will come in, showing users what other people are watching the most across the globe.
The new website will further help Netflix users by having four top ten lists initially, categorised by Top 10 Films (English), Top 10 Films (non-English), Top 10 TV shows (English) and Top 10 TV Shows (non-English). The rankings will initially be available to over 90 countries and will support English and Spanish for now, although support for more languages in the future is promised.
The lists on the Netflix Top 10 website will track the success of various movies and shows for a week, from Mondays to Sundays, and then update lists accordingly on Tuesdays. The company has also clarified that various seasons of a show will count as separate titles, and repeated watches will be added to a title’s watch hours.
All of the content that is available on Netflix will be eligible to feature on the list, including licensed movies and shows as well as Netflix originals. The figures will also be rounded off to 10,000 “to account for any fluctuations in Internet connectivity around the world.”
Meanwhile, Netflix will not be removing the top 10 rows on its mobile app, and these apps will also continue showing recommendations based on your viewing patterns, unlike the new top 10 website, where lists will be curated on what everyone is watching, and not just your watch history.
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