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By BL Kochi Bureau
Smart Ply, a device developed by DST- Amrita Technology Enabling Centre for monitoring the quality of plywood during manufacturing, has been introduced in the market.
Union Minister of State for MSME, Bhanupratap Singh Varma, launched Smart Ply during the national entrepreneurs’ conference in Kochi, which was organized by the Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).
The DST-Amrita Technology Enabling Centre and the center’s start-up company Tranquility IoT and Big Data Solutions collaborated to create Smart Ply, which checks the plywood quality during each manufacturing stage.
Various parameters that are critical to manufacturing are monitored and also linked to the mobile phone for remote monitoring. The system is capable of determining variations in plywood sheets and providing warnings. The system will bring down the manufacturer’s production-related losses.
Shaiju Satyadevan, V. Akhila, Deepu Sasidharan, Abhilash Radhakrishnan, and Bimal Satish from DST-Amrita Technology Enabling Centre and the start-up ventures Tranquility IoT and Big Data Solutions led the team that developed Smart Ply.
According to DST-Amrita Technology Enabling Centre representatives, the device was introduced to the market after successfully completing trials and tests at plywood manufacturing facilities.